We have presented you our most professional devices which are best suited for a cruise ship. After all, a lot of flour is needed here. And since natural packaging is still the best and offers the most sustainability, it's time to rethink and process freshly milled flour every day. It doesn't get any better, healthier, tastier and more nutritious than this

Fidibus XL PLUS

With its particularly powerful 600 watt industrial motor and remarkably slim dimensions, this mill grinds everything from soft cereals to hard cereals, pulses or coffee beans that comes into its 42,3 oz hopper and never stops working. It is designed to withstand permanent loads and can grind non-stop for hours. 423 oz of wheat in one hour is easily accomplished by our Fidibus XL Plus
Some of our grinding tests


The workhorse among mills, which processes all types of grain and even corn into fine flour. 882 oz of grain can be milled without a break. Extra large grinding stones made of corundum ceramic as well as a powerful industrial motor give the JUMBO the power it needs for use in stores, restaurants and large kitchens.
127 oz wheat
Continuous grinding test until safety shutdown

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Make your own muesli

The best of both worlds

Handcraft from Austria

We have been building classics that are popular all over the world since 1986.

Fair and eco-friendly

We produce fair and environmentally friendly out of conviction!

For smoothies and more

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Our Colorful Grain Mill

Why buy a KoMo grain mill?

Made in Austria

12 years warranty

Top Design

Highest quality


Fair production


12 years warranty - out of conviction!

This should be quite unique: We offer a 12-year warranty on every grain mill for private use. Why? Because we are absolutely convinced of the quality. Only the very best components go into our grain mills – anything else is not KoMo.┬á


Why grind grain?

What to look for when buying a grain mill?

Buy responsibly and protect your environment!

The wood for our grain mills, flakers and mixers is PEFC certified – because our environment is important to us!

"Why do we love fresh coffee - but bake with flour that's been sitting on the shelf for months?"

Marcel Koidl, Managing director of KoMo

Good reasons to mill fresh

If you have a grain mill at home, you can always grind your flour fresh. This not only has more nutrients than the purchased from the supermarket – it also tastes better! So why forgo freshness? If you grind your own flour at home, you can also determine how fine your flour will be. And you can always just grind exactly as much as you need. Unlike milled grain, whole grain does not lose any nutrients and can be stored for a long time.┬á

It doesn’t always have to be wheat! How about einkorn, emmer or spelt? And not only interesting for people with a gluten intolerance: Fresh flour from legumes or from pseudo-grains such as quinoa and amaranth.┬á

Have you ever baked bread, rolls, waffles or cakes at home with freshly ground flour? The difference in taste will delight you! Fresh tastes better! Grain simply tastes best when you grind it fresh just before processing. 

If you grind your own grain, you get the full spectrum of nutrients. It is precisely in the husk of grains such as wheat or spelt that we find a large proportion of the nutrients – why should we do without them? The whole grain offers plenty of vitamins, important trace elements and minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium, as well as valuable unsaturated fatty acids and proteins. But beware: milled grain loses important nutrients after just a few hours, and whole grain flour quickly goes rancid as a result.┬á

Grinding the whole grain of a cereal fresh means the maximum “yield” of nutrients. If, on the other hand, you buy extracted flour from the supermarket, you are buying a product that is significantly less healthy.┬áWhole grain flour contains about 1800 mg of minerals per 100 grams of flour, while an extract flour type 405 contains only 405 mg of minerals per 100 grams of flour.┬á┬á

Fresh wholemeal flour also satiates longer and performs an important function for regulated digestion. The dietary fiber prevents constipation and reduces the risk of diseases of the large intestine. Whole grains are one of the most important sources of dietary fiber in our domestic diet.

Can I grind only wheat with a grain mill?

No, much more for example: spices, legumes or even coffee.

Hart grain

Corn, rice, millet and more

Soft grain

Wheat, spelt, rye and more

Coffee beans

For fresh coffee


e.g. fresh pepper


Lentils, beans, chickpeas, peas etc.
Which mill is the right one?

powerful grain mills with 360 watts or 400 watts of motor power easily grind harder or larger grist such as corn and rice into the finest flour. These include the models:

If you need very large quantities of flour, then the 600 watt variant Fidibus XL or Fidibus XL plus is recommended.

By the way: Our grain mills can also be ground gluten-free on request.

What does it mean? All our grain mills are ground in at the factory. This is done for two reasons - firstly, it allows us to determine whether the mill really grinds as finely as it should, and secondly, the millstone is cleaned of any loose particles. The customer can therefore start grinding immediately after receiving the mill without further cleaning. The milling is usually done with wheat, but on request we also offer our customers to grind the grain mills with rice. For this purpose, please tick gluten-free when ordering. On the packaging of your mill you will find the gluten-free sign, so you can be sure to have received a mill free of gluten. For households where there is already a grinder and it turns out afterwards that one person in the household should avoid gluten, we recommend the use of an interchangeable grinder. This allows you to consistently separate gluten-containing and gluten-free products.

Our grind overview - What can I grind or flake with my machine?

Depending on the device, you can process different grinding or flaking materials. We have prepared a table for you for a precise overview. In case of further questions or uncertainties, please contact us via the contact form. Please also note the FAQs.


Some of our Videos

Grain mill Fidibus Classic

Flaker Flocman

Compined Device Fidicloc medium

Cleaning the grinding chamber

Insert interchangeable grinder

Coarse-Fine Setting - Flocman

Grinding test - wheat

Grinding test - spelt

Grinding test - Rye

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