FLOCMAN Electric Cereal Flaker known for it patented tapered roller system with low noise easy clean features produces over 100 grams of cereal flakes per minute, great for the small Hotel, large volume needs. Bench top design with KoMo porcelain bowl.

  • 140 watt electric motor
  • 100 gram per minute output
  • twin SS rollers
  • 600 gram hopper
  • 6.2 KG weight
  • 40db low noise volume
  • 3 year warranty commercial use

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This relationship is permanent. Low-noise, easy to clean and always in top form: the whisper-quiet electric flake crusher that produces 100 g of fully aromatic cereal flakes per minute. Flakes can not be more beautiful. The crushing mechanism with beveled rollers made of nickel-free stainless steel is housed in a solid beech case. For cleaning, it can be removed with a handle and without additional tools. Now nothing stands in the way of a quick cleaning with a brush.

Do you like to experiment with new types of grain? Then the FLOCMAN is the right choice for you. With its adjustable squeezing mechanism, the flake density can be easily adjusted and, depending on your requirements, pithy flakes for your overnight oats or thin flakes for the perfect Bircher muesli can be created.

Perfect rollers made of nickel-free stainless steel for perfect flakes

The Flocman features patented tapered rollers. As a result, it rotates more easily and does not need such a powerful motor as comparable devices – which is of course also advantageous for environmental reasons. The entire crushing mechanism is made of nickel-free stainless steel and metal, making it extremely robust and durable. So you can enjoy the device for a long time. And for those who don’t like plastic: Your flakes don’t come into contact with plastic parts! You can remove the crushing mechanism in just a few simple steps and clean it without any problems.

A little tip: If the fine adjustment is not sufficient for your desired tuft density, you can also fine-tune the squeezing mechanism. To do this, simply unscrew the white adjustment knob completely until it can be removed (ATTENTION: the squeezing mechanism must be free for this). Now remove the small disc that lies between the white adjustment knob and the squeezing mechanism. Now screw the adjustment knob back on. Now the rollers of the squeezing unit can be adjusted more closely and thus also the flake thickness.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 40 cm

140 Watt

Quetschmenge bei Hafer fein

90 g/min

Trichterf├╝llmenge Flocker (Hafer)

ca. 600 g


Walzen und Achsen aus Edelstahl

Lautst├Ąrke bei Dinkel fein

ca. 40 db


6,2 KG

Unterstellh├Âhe f├╝r Glas

10,5 cm

Gr├Â├če (H/B/T in cm)

31 x 14 x 28


Buche massiv/Edelstahl


Flocker mit Deckel, Porzellanschale

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