Are you looking for the right grain mill for you?

Not even so easy to decide! Let us understand well. That’s why we’ve put together some more information for you here.

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What to look for when buying a grain mill?

In order to enjoy your grain mill for a long time, you should consider a few things.

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Which grain mill suits me?

Are you an occasional grindman? Do you want to grind legumes? The answer to some questions helps to find out what type of grain mill you are.

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Grain mills in direct comparison

Here we have placed our grain mills with the most important functions directly next to each other.

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Grinding material overview

What device do I need if I want to grind legumes? Does a combination device make sense for me? Learn more here.

Why grind grain?

In general: Why grind grain? For a whole lot of good reasons. Some of them we list here again.

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Why buy a KoMo grain mill?

For many, it's not unimportant: How is the device actually produced? And where? We answer these and other questions here.