Now it is painted colorfully

We have brought paint to our grain mills! However, our KoMoMio not only looks good, but is equipped with an industrial motor with 400 watts of power ÔÇô this is also enough for professionals. And it comes with a 12-year warranty and an absolute top price ÔÇô unbeatable!

In 6 poppy colours

Really good reasons for the KoMoMio

Beautiful design

The KoMoMio is available in 6 poppy colours.

Super performance

Lots of power with a 400 watt industrial motor

Innovative materials

Innovative housing made of arboblende® and solid wood

Made in Austria

Made in Austria, fair, environmentally friendly and sustainable

More good reasons


Grinds almost all cereals (including rice, millet, corn)


Grind10 g of fine flour per minute (for wheat), with corundum stones and ceramics

Value for money

The KoMoMio offers an incredible price-performance ratio

12-year warranty

No one else offers that - we give a 12-year warranty on the KoMoMio!

Wood & Arboblend

With the KoMoMio, we have also broken new ground with regard to the materials used. In addition to the familiar wood, parts of the Mio have been made of Arboblend, an innovative recycled material also known as “liquid wood”.

Grind (almost) everything

The KoMoMio not only grinds wheat or spelt, it can do much more. She also grinds rice or pseudo-cereals such as amaranth and quinoa without any problems, as well as legumes, e.g. chickpeas or lentils. This is not only interesting for people with gluten intolerance. You can also grind spices such as pepper or coffee fresh with the KoMoMio.

A few impressions of the KoMoMio

Good numbers

trendy colours
Watt power
Year warranty

A super fair price

The KoMoMio has an extremely good price-performance ratio. It is, so to speak, our ‘people’s grain mill’.


  • 400 watts industrial motor
  • Grind10 g fine flour per minute (for wheat)
  • Stones made of corundum and ceramics
  • Innovative housing made of arboblende┬« and solid wood
  • Made in Austria, fair and sustainable
  • Grinds almost all cereals (including rice, millet, corn)
  • 12-year warranty

Convinced of the KoMoMio?